Questions & Answers

I have a food allergy or specific dietary requirement. Which products can I eat?

All allergenic information is on the back of the pot/kit and will be indicated in BOLD lettering. For specific dietary requirements, it also states on the front or back if the product is gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and suitable for vegans.

Do you use GMO ingredients in your products?

No, we do not use GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients in our products.

Can I freeze your fresh soups?

Some of our products are suitable for freezing, please check the soup pot label for guidance.

I find your pots difficult to open, is there an easy way to open them?

Sometimes our pots can be a little hard to open, but we’d rather that than soup to leak out! To open the pack, pull against the bottom right corner of the ridged section of the rim which should break away easily to expose a section of the lid to then lift up to open.

Are your soup pots recyclable?

We’ve made many packaging changes over the last few years to become more sustainable, meaning our lids and pots are now widely recycled across the country! They’re not just recyclable though as they can also be upcycled with endless possibilities!

How should I store your soup?

All our soups are fresh therefore they must be kept refrigerated. Once opened eat within 2 days. The use by date is located on the lid label.